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Carcassonne: Fruit Trader is an unofficial expansion for Carcassonne. This expansion consists of 6 tiles and 6 pineapple tokens. “Carcassonne: Traders and Builders” is NOT required, but it would be nice to be included for better game play.


Unlike “Carcassonne: Traders and Builders”, the goods are not placed inside the cities; they are placed on the field. The player who completed the road or cloister takes the pineapple token. When the player gets the pineapple token, he may exchange the pineapple token with any player for one goods token of his choice. That player cannot refuse the exchange. After that turn, no exchange can be made.


At the end of game, players with most pineapple tokens gain 10 points. Players with most farmers on the field, gain 2 points for each pineapple farm (map tile with pineapple) attached. (See example)



If the tile contains both road and cloister, a player who completed either feature can take the goods.




The upper farm has 2 points bonus. The lower farm has 4 points bonus