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Welcome to the home of Village Sim Toolkit



Current version  (Download News)

VSE version 1.0 beta7
VST version 0.6




Village Sim Editor is a tool for modifying Village Sim savegame data, such as:


Village Sim Toolkit is a tool for keeping Village Sim savegame data.  You can backup and restore up to 5 save games.  Basic statistics of the game (such as Game Start Time, Population, Food, Last played Date) are displayed on screen for selection.



Restriction on non-registered Village Sim users

- Village technologies can be level 1 only, except Harvesting can be level 2

- Only first 7 villagers can be edited




- Palm OS 5 device with resolution at least 320x320



What's new?


VSE 1.0b7


VST 0.6



Though I have tested this software myself, I am absolutely not responsible for any damages to data in your PDA.  Use this software at your own risk.  To play safe, always backup your PDA.


I strongly recommend you to play this game legitimately.  If you are unable to complete puzzle #12 or you have any valid reason (!) to modify save game data, this software could save your life for hex-editing the save game file.





Village Sim Editor 1.0beta7



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Village Sim Toolkit 0.6



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Note: The PRC* version is for users experiencing “Unsupported Bitmap Format” error.



VSE Screen Shots


1) Village Editor

 – Game Speed Select (New)



2) Villager Editor


3) Puzzle Editor


4) Statistics Editor


VST Screen Shots





Copyright 2005 Jonathan Wu

Last update: 13 May 2005